How important it’s for a business to foster customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, and gather valuable customer insights? Is putting your efforts into building a community one of the best moves? We think it’s one of the most effective approaches an eCommerce business should have.  A strong community will be a powerful marketing tool, as satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your products to their friends and family. 

That’s precisely how Alohas used The Spanish brand, renowned for its on-demand sustainable products, saw beyond the conversion numbers provided by live shopping. Yes, conversions are crucial, but let’s not forget that this is the consequence of several factors.

How to connect with your audience

Alohas knows how powerful a brand supported by a community is. As a brand with a clear vision of the world, they know that authenticity is critical. And what better way to deliver authenticity than through live video shopping sessions?

They have decided to use live shopping not just as a sales channel, but also as a way to engage their community. To reach their goals, they opted for intimate live shopping sessions hosted by brand representatives rather than big shows hosted by influencers. While the second option helps you reach broader audiences, the first creates a deeper connection with your existing follower base.

During their weekly live shopping events, Alohas focus on offering detailed and accurate product information. They help customers make informed purchase decisions. One of the main problems faced by eCommerce brands is delivering an engaging shopping experience. The shopping journey should evolve from a “brand monologue to a brand dialogue”. And live shopping helps you transform this journey.

Live shopping widget 

By using, Alohas (and any other brand) can deliver these live shopping events on their website. Our live shopping widget makes the experience available on any webpage or app of your choice. It’s a simple copy-and-paste implementation that helps you get started right away. 

By embedding the experience into your website, you can control the full customer journey. At the same time, using our Multicast feature, you can simultaneously deliver the video experience on your Social Media platforms. Just like Alohas, you can engage customers on different platforms, answer their questions, and encourage them to join your website to have access to the full experience.

Inside this experience, customers can watch your product demonstrations, interact through the chat option, and purchase products on the spot. You can easily integrate live shopping into your sales and marketing channels. It will undoubtedly help you sell more. But more importantly, it will help you create the immersive shopping journey your community is looking for.

Live Shopping made easy is the hustle-free live shopping platform that helps you sell straight from a live video experience, creating a frictionless shopping journey for your buyers.

Looking to engage your community in real-time and increase your online sales up to 5x? We’re here to help.

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