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Our API allows you to easily add a live commerce experience into your eCommerce marketplace

Live commerce, hate-free community, and virtual shopping assistants. All just one integration away. 

Add live commerce capabilities for your seller using existing software infrastructure. Allow them to go live in front of their audiences and sell straight on your marketplace. Create a meaningful shopping experience by enabling a live connection between your sellers and their customers.

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Connected product inventories 

By integrating into your marketplace, sellers can easily activate their products for their next live shopping sessions. Our advanced shopping integration allows them to easily search through thousands of products.

In-video add to cart 

Increase sales by allowing customers to add-to-cart products straight from the video experience. Boost sales by creating the frictionless shopping experiences buyers are looking for.

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Live Brain – the AI assistant for live eCommerce

Create a safe environment for shoppers with our AI solution. Embedded into, Live Brain is used for hate speech and profanity detection, while still acting as a team member and helping customers with product-related questions. 

Detailed analytics 

Avoid the hustles of creating detailed video analytics from scratch by integrating our analytics feature into your platform. Let sellers take the guesswork out of the equation by using our smart tool. Help sellers track, measure, and improve their live commerce sessions.

Custom live commerce integration for your marketplace 

Looking for a way to scale your marketplace? Look no further
Use our API to easily add live commerce and onboard new sellers

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Single sign-on 

Let sellers conduct all their activities from one single dashboard, without having to develop new live commerce capabilities. Integrate into your solution and create the perfect environment for commerce with a meaning.

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Live Commerce Mobile App support multiple live streaming protocols, making it easy for sellers to stream from both laptops or mobile devices. From simple one-on-one product recommendations to complex, Hollywood-like product launches, our robust live commerce solution supports all formats.  

Add live commerce capabilities to your marketplace

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Live commerce for marketplaces

What is a live shopping marketplace?

A live shopping marketplace is an eCommerce marketplace where customers can buy products straight from live, interactive video sessions hosted by the sellers. Unlike traditional marketplaces, a live one will transform the customer journey into an immersive experience. Buyers can interact with the sellers and fellow buyers, ask questions, get the needed answers, and purchase – all without interrupting the live experience.

How can I add live shopping to a marketplace? is built with a developer-friendly set of APIs, allowing developers to easily integrate live commerce capabilities into existing platforms, apps, or marketplaces. Without having to develop them from scratch. This integration allows sellers to easily access their inventory and activate products for live shopping, go live, and sell. Live shopping offers a better shopping experience for your buyers, dramatically increasing the overall satisfaction rate and reducing the return rates.

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