Use Live Brain to manage and grow your live shopping activities

Live Brain is our Live Shopping AI assistant that helps you handle more live commerce sales and build a fun and hate-free community. Here are the main benefits you get from using Live Brain:

sentiment analysis algorithm
  • Keep hate out of your live shopping sessions: Live Brain detects messages containing profanity, hate or cyber bullying and stops them before they get broadcasted to your community. Its powerful neural networks can quickly estimate whether a message is hateful or not and stop it from affecting others;

  • Understand how your community feels about the products you present and how you present them. By using sentiment analysis targeted at users’ chat feedback we can tell you what part of your presentation works and which does not.

  • Get a summary of the most relevant discussions between you and your customers. We use a generative natural processing … well … AI magic to jot down a summary of the most important parts of your conversations with customers. Let’s say you have hour long live presentations guiding customers to the right product. It’s hard to remember everything you discussed and going through the conversation all over again is not exactly fun. Live brain can quickly help here by summarising all of your conversation in a paragraph or two.
  • Use automation to guide customers to the products they really want. Live brain has a part that is part awesome, part chat bot. It can answer customers’ questions when you are busy. This is really useful because when you become really good at live commerce, the number of live customers increases exponentially. So do their requests and questions. Our handy AI tool guides your customers in the chat, answers questions and even helps them add products to cart and finish purchases. It’s all about personalised touches in your customer’s journey, at scale. What’s even better – it gives your existing team superpowers, guiding customers when the team is busy.

Key benefits of using Live Brain

Hate Speech and Profanity Detection

Using AI, Live Brain takes the problem of moderating inappropriate content off your shoulders. It allows you to focus on creating memorable live stream shopping sessions. It’s based on cutting edge neural networks, pre-trained on data sets provided by Twitter, Wikipedia and our own relevant data, helping it to understand all forms of hate speech.

sentiment analysis algorithm

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis helps you understand the overall opinion, attitude, and sentiment of people that take part in an experience.

Using the models that extract high-quality data from the text inputs (chat and Q&A), we will tell you if your live shopping session had positive or negative feedback and why.

Live sessions summarisation

Live Brain can will help you with something quite revolutionary: if you or your colleagues engage in one-on-one conversations, our solution will be there to “take notes”. And at the end of the meeting, you’ll have a brief summary of the discussion. One hour of back and forth discussions can turn into a short paragraph and give you the most relevant data.

Summarising calls with AI
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Dedicated support

We know using a new technology can seem daunting but we are here to help. Your dedicated account manager will respond promptly and accurately to all your requests. Our account managers are highly-trained with a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of all functionalities.

The live bot – conversational assistance in live sales

When you get good at live sales you will get popular really fast. When 50 people asking you questions about the products you are showcasing turns into 5000 – you will need automated help. That’s where the live bot can help: it will guide customers and answer questions and guiding them towards finishing their purchases.


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Why use Live Brain?

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Our AI tool does a lot of repetitive work so you can focus on the truly exceptional part of live commerce: your personal touch. By showcasing your products live, you are providing your customers with a personal, human experience. In our day and time, this is amazingly valuable.

However, this may sound complicated to scale if you are not assisted by a team. Usually your customer support A-team would consist of content moderators, data analysts, customer support staff that can answer specific topics about products and more. But we know that’s not always possible. That’s why we invented the Live Brain, your little team of helpers. It can do moderation, sentiment analysis, write summary and guide customers when you are overwhelmed.

As we get more interactions, Live Brain becomes better at helping you with all sorts of tasks that take your time and energy.

How can I activate Live Brain?

Live Brain is now activated on a case by case in the Enterprise plan. We designed the Live Brain to be easily customisable to fit with your live sales team. To do that we can tweak the language model or add more languages, integrate with your core systems or create a custom live bot that is more in tune with your brand’s tone of voice.

Do you want to find out more about the Live Brain? Do you want to know how it can help your team perform better and your customers have a more human-to-human connection? Schedule a call with us below:

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Test Live Brain

We know Live Brain sounds fun and useful. If you want to test it before asking more details from one of our Customer Success reps, we’ve put together some fun demos. Have a look at them below:

  • Hate speech detection: detect hate speech in the form of profanity, racism, cyber bullying and more.
  • Sentiment analysis: detect whether a sentence is positive or negative during a live call. Our system automatically analyses text or converts video or audio into text before analysis.
  • Live call summarisation: get short insights from long conversations and understand the underlying meaning of long form discussions. Do you already have a dataset of your own? We can adapt Live Brain and tailor it to your industry’s specific data.
  • Live bot assistance: get a feeling of how our conversational assistance can work in a live commerce setting.

Additional smart features

We noticed a lot of our tools need conversion from text to speech and speech to text. That’s why we have developed AI tools that create amazing voices from text in a variety of languages and can extract text from audio or video clips.

You can find these tools here:

  • Speak (AI text to speech): transform text to amazingly realistic sounding voices. Use this tool to create AI voices in English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, French and German. Speak can help you quickly generate voices or bring in intonation using SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language)

  • Speak – Transcription: automated transcription from audio clips makes it easy to transform your recorded conversations into text. It helps you generate transcriptions from English, German, French, Italian and Japanese with more to come soon. By choosing the number of speakers you can create a transcription file that outlines the full dialogue structure and who says what.