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Do you have any questions on how our live commerce solution works?

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. However, if you cannot find an answer you are looking for, please contact us directly. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is Live Commerce and how does it work?2021-04-08T07:05:57-04:00

By Live Commerce (or Live Stream Shopping), we refer to video content that allows viewers to purchase products and services straight from the live video experience. When clicking a button within the video, a product is added to the shopping cart.

The live commerce experience allows you to go live in front of your community, engage with them, and make your products and services available for purchase. Straight from the video experience. It’s live, authentic, and digitally recreates the in-store shopping experience.


How can I edit my channel’s name?2021-02-04T03:21:32-05:00

You can edit your channel’s name from Dashboard. After login, select the channel for which you want to change the name. Press the big, blue button: Live Start. Once you hit this button, the system will take you to the settings page. Here, in the upper part of the screen, you have the name of the channel. Select it and customized it as you would like. But please remember that there is a 59 characters limit.

How can I create a new Live Stream Shopping channel?2021-02-24T03:48:56-05:00

Creating a new channel is as easy as possible. From your Dashboard, select the blue ‘ADD NEW’ button.

After selecting this option, you just need to select the date of your live shopping session. Or, if the case, to create it as a permanent channel. That’s it, now all you need is to personalize your channel and you are ready to go live.

Is there any coding required before starting a Live Commerce session?2021-02-23T09:01:49-05:00

No coding is required when using Our solution allows you to go live with just a few clicks of a button. You can use your own device’s camera or a third-party video editing software without writing a single line of code.

Even the more advanced options, like embedding the whole experience into your website, need a simple copy and paste action.



Will take a percentage from my total sales?2021-02-04T06:36:33-05:00

No, will not take a percentage from your total sales. Our solution works on a subscription model, so your sales will not be affected by our pricing plan.

Our solution facilitates product sales straight from the video, but we will not ask you to pay a percentage out of your total income. You can sell as many products as possible without paying us more than the subscription plan that you opted for.

What pricing plans are available on

Our system allows you to choose from 3 different pricing plans.

Personal pricing plan

This is a free account that allows you to go live in front of up to 50 concurrent customers. You can create up to 3 different channels, but you can use them as often as you want. This plan also gives you access to basic analytics, its features making it perfect for entrepreneurs and digital marketers that are just getting familiar with the live shopping concept.


Professional pricing plan

Specially crafted for small and medium companies, the Professional account allows you to go live in front of up to 1500 concurrent customers and embed this experience into your own website. The plan starts at $199/month and gives you access to 10 separate live channels, advanced analytics, our API, and more.

Enterprise pricing plan

The Enterprise packages are custom created for each of our customers, based on their needs. It comes with unlimited live views, a designated account manager, and Live Brain – our AI algorithms that understand what your customers want from a live shopping session.

Consult our detailed pricing plans and features.

Can I add pictures with links to my products?2021-02-26T04:31:11-05:00

Yes. From your Dashboard, choose the channel for which you want to perform this action and press the blue Setup button. The system will redirect you to the settings page. Once in there, make sure that the Live shopping option is enabled. Select the blue ADD MORE button. You’ll have the option to add a picture to your product, choose a name and price for it, and attach a link. The complete step-by-step guide can be found here!

How to create a new channel?2021-03-02T03:34:59-05:00

Once you login into your account, select the blue ‘ADD NEW’ button, located next to My Channels. You have the option to create a Permanent channel (for an ongoing session) or one with a specified start day/time. To create a Permanent one, simply name your channel and click on the blue ‘Create’ button. The newly created channel is now in your dashboard.

For a channel with an exact start day/time, follow the same steps and make sure to enable the ‘Happening on’ option. Once it’s enabled, choose a date and time for your upcoming session/event. Click on the Create button and you are good to go.

The full step-by-step guide can be found here!

How can I edit my channel’s Permalink?2021-03-02T03:44:01-05:00

From your account, choose the channel for which you wish to edit the Permalink. Select the blue ‘SETUP’ button. Here, you’ll see the auto-generated Permalink. To customize it, click after ‘’ and edit it as you wish. Keep in mind that there is a 14 count character limit.

You can read the full step-by-step guide here!

How can I change my profile picture?2021-03-02T03:49:57-05:00

From your dashboard, click on your account initials located in the upper-right corner. Select the Account option and click on the blue ‘Upload new avatar’ button. Choose an image from your device’s memory and once it uploads, don’t forget to scroll down and press the blue Save button.

Read the full step-by-step guide here!

How to create a live session/event based on access?2021-03-03T03:17:00-05:00

First, you need to create an account on Oveit, our event registration software. You can follow these guidelines to create a new event with Oveit. Once you create the event, log in to using the same access credentials for your Oveit account. To create a session based on access, make sure that the Free Pass option is disabled. All you need to do is to share your channel’s permalink (once created in Oveit, it automatically becomes available on and attendees are able to register from there. Once the registration process is completed, each of them will receive a .pdf of the ticket via email. The ticket code is placed right before the barcode, within that .pdf. To access your live session/event, a copy and paste of that code inside the ‘ENTER TICKET CODE’ box will give them instant access.

Read the full step-by-step guide here!

How can I moderate the chat during a live session/event?2021-03-03T03:35:35-05:00

To moderate the chat in real-time, copy your channel’s Permalink and paste it in a new tab. Make sure that you are logged in. You’ll see that after placing your cursor on a particular question, an ‘Archive’ option becomes available. Simply click on it to remove that question. For chat discussions, there is the option to temporarily ban a user or to archive a statement.

For the full step-by-step guide, click here!

Who’s going to host the live commerce shows?2021-11-15T13:34:39-05:00

We recommend you to use an influencer for your live commerce shows, and you can select from a wide range of influencers available on Using a proprietary algorithm, the platform will recommend you a list of influencers according to your criteria: niches, demographics, platforms, and more.

What format should I use for my live commerce sessions?2021-11-15T13:42:29-05:00

The format depends on your niche on what you are actually focusing on. Brand awareness, customer re-engagement, conversions? Our team of experienced advisors will work with you not only on finding the best influencers but also on choosing the right format that will help you reach your goals. But if you want to better understand your options, you can check our article on the most used live commerce events format.

Can you attract more sales?2021-11-15T13:49:31-05:00

What we offer you is a mix of live commerce and influencer marketing, where your customers join engaging live commerce shows hosted by top influencers, straight on your website. The eCommerce capabilities are enabled in the video experience, allowing your community to purchase goods without leaving the video experience. Live commerce has a conversion rate 5 times higher than traditional eCommerce.

How long and how often should you go live?2021-11-15T14:44:24-05:00

We recommend that your first live commerce sessions are between 30 and 45 minutes long and are hosted twice a month. This allows customers to get familiar with your new sales channel, have enough time to ask relevant questions, and interact with fellow customers. Not only that you will build a community through an interactive sales channel, but a long-term partnership with an Influencer will provide better results for your business.

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