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Commerce should be live. We’re making it so.


Our team has been building payments tech for live experiences  for the largest events and venues in the world. We understand that more fun means more sales.

We’ve put all our knowledge in building and helping you create the best live stream shopping experience, without deep technical know how.

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Everything changed in the past 30 years. Except commerce.

While Elon is flying cars into outer space and protein structure is being simulated by AI, commerce still relies on physical experiences invented in the 1950’s.


Online retail is still about photos, text, price and the buy button

Not really the experience one would hope for when social media is rich and interactive, is it?


There is no retail apocalypse. There is an old retail apocalypse.

If your go to market strategy involves plans that were designed in the 1990’s, maybe it won’t work too well with consumers that need more engaging experiences.

Benefits of live stream shopping

90% of your customers value authenticity. Be authentic.

Live Shopping means unedited footage. 90% of surveyed consumers said that authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support.

Go interactive

Live Stream Shopping offers a new, interactive alternative to classical online shopping. And we live in the era of the “Experience Economy”, where shoppers value the experience as much as the products they pay for. Goods become commodities. Experiences become priceless.


Over 85% of online shoppers have at least one question they need to find an answer to before purchasing a product. With, you can answer that question in real-time. When it matters the most.

Attention is expensive. Leverage momentum and gain customers.

Over the last 20 years, our attention span went from 12 to under 8 seconds. With Live Stream Shopping, your customers can buy the right product at the right moment. Without any other distractions.

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