Plan the perfect event, register attendees and create interaction allows you to create the perfect event, allow visitors to register and access to private streams and receive payments for ticket sales.

Allow visitors to interact and create engaging experiences.

Move your events to a secured online environment. Sell tickets, onboard sponsors and vendors, share quality content, and benefit from instant payments.

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Go live and sell access to your premium content

Go live in the next 5 minutes. Once you’re logged in you can start streaming by just pressing one button.

Upload media if you want your viewers to have access to extra content.

Effortlessly sell access to your online content. Virtual attendees can purchase tickets that will allow them to view your live or pre-recorded content.

Engage with your audience

Engage your viewers and allow them to interact with each other. Hearts from viewers mark the most popular moments of your streams. The chat option allows attendees to ask questions and interact with the moderator.

Live stream shopping

Monetize online content through in-stream purchases (merchandise, books, training materials and all other things you think you can sell).

Momentum is one of the most important forces in sales. With Streams, viewers can easily purchase products right when their most engaged with them.

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A list of professionals that are using our software

Event planners

Move your events to a secured online environment. Sell tickets, onboard sponsors and vendors, share quality content, and benefit from instant payments.

Just like for a regular in-person event, attendees can easily purchase e-tickets that grant them access to the whole experience. In-stream purchases will give you access to new revenue streams, while our built-in features will keep your attendees engaged.

Combine your live content with recorded sessions, create private rooms, and ask your attendees’ feedback through live chat and virtual polls. Go digital but keep the personal touch.

Webinar hosts

Webinars are the perfect way to engage and educate your online audience.

Known as a form of dialogue and not just as simple online presentations, the web-based seminars are often used by online instructors as part of their marketing funnel.

Go live with Streams, onboard your audience, and start answering their questions. Use our built-in functions to promote and sell your products and services during these high-quality sessions.


Creating a large followers base is no easy task, it takes time and effort. Having a fan base spread on various socials platforms makes it hard for influencers to easily monetize their premium content.

At the same time, not having a direct shop option in the streaming platform will stop followers from actually buying the products the influencer recommends. brings the benefits of online shopping into the video, making it easy to place orders without losing the live connection. Imagine having an unboxing session where products are displayed and available for purchase live, at just a click of a button away.

Online merchants

E-commerce or online shopping enables us to purchase our favorite products with little to no effort.

With, shop owners can simply satisfy their customers’ needs in a fun and interactive manner. How does it work? With our solution, you can apply your sales strategies just like in the real world.

You can answer product related questions, create live polls to find out overall impressions, embed product links in the live stream, and benefit from instant payments after every purchase. But what about those products that are more complex and require detailed explanations to actually sell them? No worries! enables you as a shop owner to create live demos and prove to your viewers that your product is not a scam and is actually worth buying it. It is a great way to encourage people to purchase your list of offerings in real-time!

Fitness trainers

For training and courses creators, offers a platform where content creators have total control on how they decide to monetize the work.

Limited or full access for paying customers can be easily set up, allowing them to create customized courses. Recorded classes, combined with live sessions will offer students the unique experiences they are looking for. Access can be granted on a one-time basis, for a limited period of time or unlimited, allowing each customer to pay for their suited product.

In-stream shopping features offer an easy way for students to purchase upgrades or limited offers, making up-selling easier than ever.

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