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Live Commerce is a new way of selling goods, virtual or physical. It combines live streaming with shopping. 

On one side, you have someone showcasing a product live, in front of an online audience. That would probably be you or people on your team.

On the other side, you have your customers joining the live experience, interacting, and buying your products or services straight from this live experience. If you sell NFTs the live exposure increases the odds of customers trusting your products and you. is now welcoming the NFTs enthusiasts. With, you can easily mint and sell NFTs through live, engaging experiences.

You can easily mint artwork and sell it live in front of your audience. Easily.

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What are NFTs ?

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NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital records representing any kind of assets somebody could imagine. Both physical and intangible. Like a pair of snickers, a video, a digital art piece, a gif, your favourite RPG character. The token is stored on a blockchain network and all participants can see the record’s history without being able to bring any changes to it. It is a forever lasting item with super powers.

Being built on  blockchain, NFTs can support smart contracts. Smart contracts are digital records that can automatically check and apply their set of rules to all future transactions, without needing any extra validation. NFTs can be digitally tracked each time they are subject of a transaction. And thanks to these smart contracts, a small cut from the transaction can go back to the creator (or any other individual or organisation) each time NFTs are (re)sold. Forever-lasting items bringing royalty to their creators.

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We run on Ethereum, with the help of Polygon, which means you can  mint and sell NFTs easily, at lower lower fees. You can either mint your NFTs on or  you can automatically import already existing NFTs from your wallet and sell them through an engaging live video experience. 

  • Why a live experience? Customers in general (and collectors in particular) are interested in the history behind any asset or commodity they are buying. We know each item has its own story. This is what makes it unique. Who could share it better than its creator? And what better way to do it than a live, interactive experience?

  • What makes us unique? We allow your community to buy NFTs from this live, engaging experience, without having to pause you for a second. We support decentralized (e)commerce and enhance it with the human touch that it’s missing.

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