Live shopping is live video + commerce

We think live shopping is the biggest change in commerce in the past 80 years

Live Stream Shopping helps your customers buy products straight from your live, interactive video sessions. Get your products in front of your viewers in a more engaging way. Answer their questions, and turn them into customers. is easy to start with and easy to install. It takes one click to go live and one share to showcase your products to your customers.

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Photon: Real time video

Live commerce at the speed of light

With Photon, our real time video technology, you can interact with customers in real time and add live guests to your live shopping sessions, even if they’re thousands of miles away.

  • Interact with your fans in real time.
  • Showcase products
  • Invite video guests with you

Showcase and sell products live

Sell your products in live video streams

Add products to the live experience. One simple click, and you’ll showcase the product on the screen, with a ‘Buy’ button. This way, viewers can buy the products without leaving the experience.

You can use inventory from an e-commerce website, like Shopify.

Live chat

Let the audience chat and react together.

Live chat is how customers prefer to engage with brands. It’s also the channel with the highest customer satisfaction rate: over 90%!

Answer questions live

85% of consumers have at least one question they need to find an answer to.

And only after that, they will close the deal. The Questions feature allows viewers to ask the questions the sale depends on.


Access data like CTR (click-through rate) and the number of viewers.

You will know the number of likes, drop-offs, messages, questions, and product engagement.

Why use Live Shopping?

Live Stream Shopping allows your audience to buy products straight from a live, interactive video session. It’s the new shopping experience your customers are looking for.

Live shopping is a new and fun way to buy goods and services. It’s like video shopping for the space age. Go live and connect with your audience, build a live community and sell the products you’re passionate about. is the perfect live shopping software. It’s free to start a live shopping party and you can surely build a business on it. Click below and you’ll be going live in front of your audience in a few minutes.

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