In the following live shopping example, we’ll see how the international e-tailer Answear uses to deliver an immersive shopping journey. Although it is a fashion eCommerce platform, Answear is not only about selling clothes. Answear is also about helping its customers achieve the desired lifestyle and personal image. As the company states, its platform is the place where Lifespiration starts. And this is visible in their live shopping strategy as well.

For brands involved in the online fashion industry, guiding customers is a crucial part of their business. Teaching them how to combine different pieces will enhance the shopping experience. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Providing such information helps customers feel more confident in their purchases. And creates a positive image for the brand.

And this is exactly what Answear is doing. During the live shopping shows, Answear mixes product presentations with essential fashion advice. Offered by brand ambassadors, this advice helps customers make informed decisions. Instead of showcasing unrelated products, the sessions focus on combining different items to create complete outfits. Yes, it’s not about the products, it’s all about what customers gain by buying them.

image showing the results Answear got from 2 live shopping events

Each season comes with its new collections. This is the moment when Answear leverages its authority and partners up with fashion influencers. Together, they create outstanding live shopping experiences where their audience gets valuable advice on how to mix up different clothing items that will result in memorable outfits. 

Answear uses to deliver various live shopping events. But the most successful ones were always those where the focus was on helping their audience prepare their outfits. Whether we’re talking about a new season or a special event, fashion advice is always appreciated by shoppers. 

We’ve had special editions for summer, fall, and winter collections. The New Year’s Eve party had its own session – as it should. And the feedback was awesome.

How do these live shopping events look?

For each live shopping session hosted by Answear, engagement is a crucial element. Viewers are encouraged to ask for fashion-related advice. And not limited to the products showcased live. Anyone looking for fashion advice is more than welcome to use the chat function to find the answer they are looking for. Although these sessions have thousands of viewers, for each shopper it’s like a private shopping session. Anyone can receive answers tailored to their needs. This results in engaging conversations between the viewers themselves.

image including a quote from an eCommerce professional that speaks about the benefits of live shopping

All live shopping sessions are embedded into the brand’s website. Thus bringing traffic from many sources into one single experience. This creates an inclusive, safe experience, where shoppers can seek (and find) advice. 

And although these live shopping sessions are not focused solely on selling, but rather on educating the audience, the results are always above expectations. On average, a live shopping session had more than 8000 views on the designated landing page. And a conversion rate of around 8,5%.

At the same time, this approach also increases your average ticket size. By showcasing complementary products, you’re helping your customers create complete outfits. After all, for any fashion item, there is at least one accessory that increases its value.

This is what makes live shopping so efficient. From the comfort of their homes, viewers interact with fashion experts. They receive the help we all need. No question remains answered. While the more relevant ones are answered by the host, the brand’s support team is always ready to share their knowledge using the chat feature.


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