Increasing customer satisfaction through live shopping

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, L’Oreal, the well-known beauty brand, faced a challenge in terms of how to promote and sell its products while physical stores were closed. To overcome this obstacle, L’Oreal came up with an innovative solution: a live shopping campaign that would not only showcase their products but also educate customers on how to use them for the best results.

two ladies during make-up session in front of the camera - live shopping session L'Oreal

The company recruited one of its top trainers and paired her with a popular influencer to host the live shopping event. The trainer, who was a makeup artist and skincare expert, showed how to achieve a specific look using L’Oreal products, while the influencer engaged with the audience, answering questions and providing additional tips and tricks. This way, customers felt like they were getting a one-on-one consultation with a professional, just like they would in a physical store.

The live shopping event was a huge success, as it not only helped L’Oreal reach its target audience but also gave customers a unique, personalized experience. The trainer’s expertise and the influencer’s likable personality made the event engaging and fun, while the interactive format allowed customers to ask questions and get real-time advice. As a result, L’Oreal managed to increase its sales and customer engagement.

Offering personalized recommendations and answering questions in real-time

This session was a great example of how a company can use technology and creativity to adapt to changing circumstances and still achieve its goals. The live shopping event was not only a creative way to sell products but also a way to educate customers and build trust with them. L’Oreal showed that even online, it was possible to create an immersive and engaging shopping experience for customers.

The live show generated more than 270 chat inputs from the community in approximately 60 minutes, most of the questions focusing on how shoppers could make the most out of using the products. Beauty is a very experiential industry and the conversion rate grows exponentially as customers understand how to better use the products. As the hosts of the show were not able to answer all questions, the support team stepped up. Using the chat feature, they made sure that no question was left unanswered.

Bonus tip

The live shopping experience was not over once the live was over. By using our extended feature list, the brand was able to keep a shoppable video (recorded video experience) embedded into the website. This way, potential customers that haven’t made it to the live show could also benefit from the experience. They could watch how products were used, see what people have asked, and, most importantly, what the brand representatives have answered. Although not live, the experience still offered an assisted customer journey. An asynchronous one. 

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