Brands from all over the world are adopting live shopping to create more engaging customer journeys. Unlike traditional eCommerce journeys, where customers usually interact with pictures, texts, and sometimes a short product video, live shopping is a dynamic experience. It’s similar to an in-store visit, with the benefit that it’s available from the comfort of your home. 

Live shopping combines live video streaming with entertainment and product presentations, all in a shoppable format. And it brings incredible results for global brands, as you can see in our live shopping examples section. Although live shopping events are fun and engaging, there is a particular element that makes them incredibly efficient: they are live product presentations. During these sessions, customers can see your products in action, ask questions, and most importantly, can get the answers that they are looking for. Right there and then.

How Samsung uses live shopping to mix entertainment, product presentations, and eCommerce

man showcasing products -2 print screens from Samsung live shopping event, in both desktop and mobile formats


This is one of the reasons Samsung chose to work with us and create live shopping sessions. Consumer electronics products are, unlike other products, extremely complex. There are many features customers can choose from. The same features that make the products appealing are the same that sometimes slow down the buying process. And this is one of the issues solved by live shopping.

During this live shopping event, Samsung used a fine-tuned combination of product presentation and entertainment. For this instance, Samsung chose to work with two influencers, aiming not only to educate existing customers but also to reach a broader audience. When deciding to work with hosts outside your company, it’s important to have a partner that understands how your products work and can easily answer product-related questions. For a renowned consumer-electronics brand, it wasn’t too hard to find such hosts.

Showcasing complementary products

This live shopping show was a perfect combination of entertainment and shopping. During a “sketch” set up by the two hosts together with the brand representatives, customers could watch how a series of Samsung products were showcased. The hosts used products ranging from smartwatches to air purifiers, focusing on how these products can transform our homes and lives. Although they could’ve chosen from thousands of products, they went for just 7. But this wasn’t a random choice. They opted for 7 products that could easily make room in any of our homes. 

Customer support. During the entire live show, the brand’s support team connected with the audience through the chat option. This allowed them to rapidly answer all product-related questions. And, as you can imagine, they received many questions.  Consumer electronics products often have a lot of features and functions that can be difficult for customers to understand through traditional product descriptions or images. Even through video. But live shopping facilitates a continuous dialogue between brands and viewers.

Bonus – Incentivizing shopping

pie chart graph showing that 71% of shoppers use discount codes

Data Source: Capterra

This live experience brought an extra perk to Samsung’s community. Viewers had access to a special discount code, valid for 48 hours, offering them a discount. This acted like an extra perk for the community, but the main focus was on helping viewers better understand how to use these products.

Incentivizing customers to take action through time-limited discount codes will increase your conversions.

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