The eCommerce landscape is constantly evolving, and we’re always looking for new ways to engage customers and increase our sales. Luckily, live shopping is here to help us reach these goals. It mixes the power of live video with the convenience of online shopping, allowing customers to purchase products straight from a live video experience.

In the following live shopping case study we will see how Tefal, the renowned French company, is using live shopping to deliver outstanding shopping experiences. 

Tefal is a well-known cookware brand that offers a wide range of kitchen appliances and accessories. Their products are designed to make cooking more accessible and more enjoyable for both novice and experienced cooks alike. And as any company that values its customers and community, it’s always looking to find new ways to engage its shoppers.

The team at Tefal approached us as they were looking for a way to create an interactive cooking experience that would showcase their products in action. The goal was to provide customers with a firsthand look at how Tefal’s products could be used to create delicious meals. While also giving them a chance to purchase those products in real-time. Exactly what live shopping does best.

Engaging live shopping experience

We’ve worked closely with Tefal to create a live shopping experience that would engage their customers and showcase their products. The experience featured a renowned chef who demonstrated how to cook a specific dish. Using Tefal products, of course. 

Viewers could watch the chef in action and ask questions in real-time using the live chat feature. This allowed them to interact with the host of the live shopping event, with the brand’s representatives, but also with fellow shoppers. This is one of the best ways to build a community around your products. Offer like-minded people a chance to engage during a live (shopping) experience.

In addition to the live video, the experience also included product information and direct purchasing options. Viewers could click on a product and purchase it directly from the live shopping experience, making the buying process seamless and convenient.

The gains of this experience

This experience helped Tefal deliver an amazing shopping experience that mixed cooking, entertainment, and product presentation. During the show, many viewers asked product-related questions and got their answers on the spot. 

Ultimately, this is what makes live shopping so efficient; it’s not just making it easier for customers to buy your products, but it also helps them make informed decisions. If you’re trying to build or maintain a sustainable business, helping your customers make the right choice is often more important than just selling to them. 

Live Shopping made easy is the hustle-free live shopping platform that helps you sell straight from a live video experience, creating a frictionless shopping journey for your buyers.

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