Are you having live commerce sessions with thousands of engaged viewers? Our analytics reports will help you get a clear understanding of how people interacted with your branded sessions. The number of viewers, likes, number of asked questions, and chat entries, are all available in the analytics report. As well as the total number of clicks, CTR, and the distribution of those clicks amongst your products. 

But what if you want to go deeper? What if you want to use those questions to update the FAQ section of your website? Or if you had more than 5 products your viewers interacted with?

This is where Advanced Analytics makes the difference. See the CTR distributed over all of your sold products and the number of clicks for each of them. This option will help you get a better understanding of what actually happens during your live shopping sessions.

Download the lists of chat entries and the ones of asked questions. Get a better understanding of what people were interested in and use that User Generated Content in your favor. With Advanced Analytics, everything that happened during a live video session is displayed as data patterns that can be easily understood. Go live, sell, understand what works and what doesn’t, adapt, improve and repeat. Plans