We know data is important. More than data itself, what that data represents can have an essential impact over any business. A live commerce experience makes no difference. With Streams.live, analytics are available for every subscription tier – the free one included. 

Streams.live dashboard with results from a live stream shopping session

With analytics, you will have access to the following sets of data:

Number of viewers

Number of likes

Drop Off

Max Viewers

Longest view

Number of chat posts 

Number of asked questions

Product engagement. 

We know how important it is to understand how viewers interact with your products. No worries, the system does it for you. The analytics report will also show you the CTR (click-through rate), the total number of clicks, as well as the number of clicks for the top 5 clicked products.

Having a better understanding of how people were engaged will help you craft better and better live commerce sessions.

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