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Branded integrations

By choosing for a branded integration, the live stream shopping experience will fully adopt your brand identity. Customize the colors, fonts, and overall style. Embed the video experience into your platform and deliver the ultimate shopping journey for your customers.

We understand that your brand supports your business. It’s natural. And we have created our solution having our partners’ needs in mind. By choosing Streams.live, you can create a shopping experience where you have full control over the brand story.

Streams.live Plans

Benefits of using this feature

With branded integrations, customers will take a customized journey that starts when they first land on your website and ends at checkout. Just so that they can start all over again.And again.

Customize the Buy Now button with your colors. Opt for customized translation that adapts the displayed language for each of your viewers. Add your own logo and select the font that you want to use. Keep your brand present. After all, this is what your clients are looking for – an experience with your brand, orchestrated by your team.