One of the main benefits of live experiences is that customers can interact with the host or amongst each other. Live shopping drives engagement as it is a bidirectional communications channel – unlike traditional eCommerce, it lets you interact with your customers in real time.

Live chat is how customers prefer to engage with brands, and also the channel with the highest customer satisfaction rate: over 90%! It’s also a tool that helps you increase your average order value: studies show that customers that interact with assistants through a live chat feature tend to spend up to 60% more money than those who don’t. Simply put, assisted experiences are worth more to your customers.

print screen from a live selling experience showcasing the live chat option

Some of the main benefits of using the live chat feature on your live shopping sessions:

  • It builds trust. Having access to both a live video experience and instant communication with shop assistants will humanize your business. This will drive engagement and increase sales, offering a better comfort level to your customers. 
  • Live chat will help you better understand customer behavior. it will encourage your customers to ask questions, helping you better understand their needs and identify existing bottlenecks. 
  • it’s fast. Live chat is probably the fastest communication channel and it offers the highest satisfaction level among online shoppers, being the preferred communication method among e-shoppers.
  • It offers the highest satisfaction levels as it allows customers to multitask while using it and helps them get better information than through email or over the phone
  • Helps you increase your sales; according to studies, a customer that has been engaged through live chat is 2.8 times more likely to purchase than one that hasn’t

Having the live chat option activated within your live stream shopping sessions will transform your online store into a live one, where people chat, ask questions, and easily purchase your products. All while having a fun experience. Plans