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Integrate live shopping on your website

For you, it’s important to create a fully branded, customized experience. We understand and support this option. But we also know that you don’t need another third-party tool that requires a complicated set-up.

To support your efforts, we created a simple copy and paste integration for our software. When deciding to move the whole experience within your platform – with products, chat, Q&A, emoticons, and analytics, you just need to copy the embed code on the page where you want the experience to take place. That’s it.

embed code to integrate live shopping on your page

This option takes our powerful tool and integrates it into your website. The iframe will take the load from you – we will still do the hard work in the background. But customers will watch you showcasing products, will interact, and will purchase products from the live video directly on your website. The whole live stream shopping experience will take place in this customized, safe environment. 

Having the experience 100% on your website is essential. This allows you to take advantage of your already optimized processes put together by your team. And with Streams.live, you can easily take care of this integration with a simple copy and paste.

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