With the Live Party option, you can create live shopping sessions with up to 50 concurrent viewers. Why would somebody want to deliver live stream shopping experiences with a limited number of potential buyers??

Sometimes, before making a purchase, customers have one more question they need to find an answer to before actually buying the products or services. This happens with any acquisition, but it’s more common when purchasing high-ticket products. This intimate experience allows you and your team to interact with every viewer, ensuring they get their answers on the spot and understand how your products or services will help them. The assisted live shopping experience is similar to in-store shopping, helping you engage and support all attendees on their journey of purchasing your products.

We call it a Live Party for the intimate feeling it creates for your viewers. During our past experiences, we noticed that 50 viewers are perfect for such an experience. Not too many so that their questions remain unanswered, not too few that it makes it hard to drive engagement. It’s the perfect number to create an intimate, engaging live video shopping experience.

Live Party focuses on live, instant video, making communication seamless – similar to your day-to-day video calls, but with a live purchasing option that transforms eCommerce.

man presenting in front of a camera

Here is what you should know about the Live Party option:

  • It’s based on live video (peer-to-peer)
  • It allows you to go live straight from your device’s webcam (or using our iOS live shopping app)
  • You can go live with up to 50 concurrent viewers
  • It aims to help you digitally create an experience similar to in-store shopping
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