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Live Party (one to few)

The Live Party allows you to create live commerce rooms with up to 50 concurrent viewers. This is the default environment that our free plan users have access to, but it’s also used by the majority of our paying customers. Why would somebody want to create smaller live commerce experiences?

Sometimes, before actually making a purchase, customers have one more question they need to find an answer to. This happens with any purchase, but it’s seen especially when buying high-ticket products. This intimate experience allows you and your team to interact with each and every viewer of your live experience, ensuring that they get their answers on the spot. This will confirm that they are making the right choice by deciding to invest their trust in you.

We call it a Live Party for the intimate feeling that it gives to your viewers. During our past experiences, we noticed that 50 viewers are perfect for such an experience. Not too many so that their questions remain unanswered, not too few so that is hard to drive engagement. It’s actually the perfect number to create an intimate, yet engaging live shopping stream. 

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