Live shopping finds itself at the intersection of live video streaming, entertainment, and shopping. So the scope of the experience is to make the online shopping journey fun, educative, and extremely simple. Here is where live shopping products completely change the experience. 


With this option, products will be active throughout your live shopping experience, being available for purchase straight from the video. There are two different ways you can add them to the session: 

  • Manually, by adding a name, price, image, and a product page URL 
  • Automatically, by importing them from your eCommerce platform (like Shopify or WooCommerce)


When setting up the live shopping experience, you will add one or several products to the experience. If during the show you decide that one of the products should be even more visible, you can decide to “bump” it. One simple click and the product will be showcased on the screen, above the Buy Now button. This makes it extremely visible for all of your viewers, increasing the overall conversion rate. Plans