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Live Shopping Products

The gamechanger. Each live stream shopping session is itself a customer journey for many of your customers. The shopping products feature is exactly what the name says it is – the option to add products within the live experience. This way, viewers are able to purchase the products without leaving the experience. The result? Shorter shopping journeys, increased conversion rates, and overall better experiences for your clients.

When setting up the live shopping experience, you will add one or several products to the experience. If during the show you decide that one of the products should be even more visible, you can decide to “bump” it. One simple click and the product will be showcased on the screen, above the Buy Now button. This makes it extremely visible for all of your viewers. 

The Live Products feature is what makes Live Commerce different. While benefiting from a live, engaging experience, where all their questions easily find answers, viewers are able to easily purchase the desired products. A frictionless buying journey that will increase their satisfaction and transform them into loyal customers.

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