The Live Show (also called “One-to-many”) is the option when creating live shopping sessions meant to engage large audiences. By combining entertainment with the live shopping option, you will create an experience that your viewers will cherish. Go live in front of thousands of viewers, entertain and engage them, and skyrocket your sales. 

There is no limit when it comes to your creativity, we know it. And a Live Show will help you create the exact experience that viewers are looking for. When thousands of people are engaged by the same experience, the chat and Q&A options become powerful assets that support your sales efforts. While engaged and entertained, they can easily purchase your products with a simple click of a button. 

The live shopping experience based on large numbers focuses on creating hype around the experience. As more people interact with this entertaining experience, a broader audience will have the chance to buy your products or services. It’s common that Live Shows (also known as Shoppertainment Experiences) to be hosted by influencers with large audiences, delivering novel shopping experiences. 

By working with an influencer, your live shopping sessions will:

  • Reach broader audiences; the influencer’s audience will also join the experience, helping you sell to more people.
  • Entertain your viewers;  by working with somebody that already has experience in front of the camera.
  • Benefit from a trust transfer; the influencer’s audience associates your brand’s image with the one of a person they already trust and follow (brand endorsement).

Live Show supports RTMP connectivity – meaning you can create complex video sessions, edit them on the spot, and stream it on your live shopping channel with ease. Just connect your broadcasting software (like OBS, StreamYard, Camtasia, etc) to and start selling straight through a live (show) shopping experience. Plans