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Multi-room channel

Each shopping journey is different, and with a multi-room channel, you can create the framework that allows each customer to buy at his own pace. How does this setup look?

Imagine that you have a live stream shopping session with thousands of viewers. It’s hosted on your website and an influencer is engaging the viewers. But you know that customers will need further information in order to complete the purchase.

Streams.live Plans

With a multi-room channel, you can allow qualified leads to enter the next phase of their journey. From this engaging interactive show, they can access a more private experience. One where one of your qualified shop assistants can answer all your viewers’ questions. We have designed Streams.live so that allows you to create your own video sales funnel. 

Start with a Live Show. Allow thousands of viewers to join the experience and entertain them. Once they decide that they are ready to go one step further, let them join a Live Party. Crafted to create intimate shopping sessions, the live party allows up to 50 concurrent viewers. This way, your team has the time and focus to engage them all. Once they get the needed answers, customers can purchase your products and services with a simple click of a button. And, if needed, you can re-engage the viewers that accessed a private room but haven’t finished a transaction.