Our goal is to create a tool that helps you create the perfect online shopping experience. To reach your customers through live video, engage them, answer their questions, and help them buy straight from the video. We want to help you increase your eCommerce sales.

>But to reach this goal, we need to help you reach as many of your potential customers as possible. And this is what the multicast feature helps you do: reach all your audiences, regardless of the platform of their choice.

The Multicast option allows you to distribute the video experience to many destinations. Better said, while the live shopping experience is embedded into your own platform, you can also stream to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and other platforms supporting RTMP connectivity. This helps you reach as many potential customers as possible. But the goal should be bringing them all in one place – on your website (or customized live shopping URL generated by us). This way they could experience a distinctive shopping experience. While you have total control over your work.

multicast feature on Streams.live - distribute your live shopping video experience on Social Media channels

Based on our experience, here are some ideas on how to better profit from the Multicast feature when setting up live shopping experiences:

  • Share the live video on the social media channels where you experience the best engagement rate.
  • Set up a link in the SM descriptions, redirecting your social media followers to your website.
  • Communicate on the live video that, for the complete experience, viewers should join the experience on your website. They can use the chat feature and they can buy the products straight from the live video experience.
  • Don’t share the entire experience on your SM channels. Let your customers know that after the first 20 minutes everybody will need to move to your platform to continue watching the show. Communicate this at least at the start of the session and before shutting down the social media streams.

While this feature helps you share the video experience on many platforms, it works best when used to bring all your audiences to one place. On your website. It can help you reach two distinct, yet so well connected, goals: increase your reach and sell more.

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