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Pre-recorded media

Sometimes, you may consider that a pre-recorded video or audio would be a great suit for a shopping experience. Maybe you had a live stream shopping session that drove so much engagement that you are sure other viewers would like to take a look at it. For those that couldn’t make it to the live show, the recorded video would let them know what happened during the live experience.

Or maybe you are camera shy and would prefer to start with a recorded video or audio and work your way to a live one.

print screen from Streams.live Dashboard - uploading pre-recorded media

Either way, Streams.live allows you to use pre-recorded media when creating online shopping experiences. And what makes this great is that you still take advantage of the features that skyrocket your sales.

Although using pre-recorded media, products can still be added to the experience. This way, a client that watches the video showcasing your products can still buy them straight from your channel. 

Your team can nurture your customers even when working with this kind of content. By opting to activate the chat and Q&A options, your viewers can still ask relevant questions. And you can answer them within the experience. 

This way, the communication history will be available within the experience, helping viewers to find an answer to their questions and clear any doubts before purchasing your products.

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