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Virtual events

In its early days, Streams.live was used solely by virtual event organizers. Even if our main focus as we speak is centered more around Live Stream Shopping, the virtual event capabilities were never replaced, but only improved.

What makes Streams.live unique when it comes to virtual events?

Live Shopping functionality

Even if it’s a virtual event and not a live shopping session, this functionality can be utilized for various purposes. As our platform allows for any URL to be added behind the ‘BUY NOW’ button, the opportunities are limitless. Maybe one of the speakers achieved something great lately and would like to provide viewers with the opportunity to learn more about that project. By enabling the Live shopping option it’s important to understand that it can be used for several purposes and not only for selling products. 

Brandable Event Landing Page

If you decide to host a virtual event on a landing page that is automatically generated by our system, you have the option to customize it. Add your own logo, provide your audience with more details about your virtual event in the ‘Details’ section, add a cover photo, and upload a pre-recorded video before the actual live event begins.

Interconnected with Oveit

As previously mentioned, our platforms are interconnected. This means that the registration process is configured within a platform that is tailored for event registration. You’ll be able to collect data through registration forms, customize the confirmation email, send out unique access codes for the virtual experience, and many more. 

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