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Live Shopping has never been this easy. With you can easily activate your WooCommerce products catalog for live shopping, go live, engage your customers, and deliver the best eCommerce shopping experience.

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What is live shopping and how does it help your brand?

Live shopping is the term commonly used for digitally recreating the in-store shopping experience. It’s a mix of video streaming, entertainment, and shopping. On one side there is a host (brand owner, shop assistant, influencer) that goes live in front of the camera, showcases products, and engages the viewers. On the other side, we have the viewers – potential customers that join this live shopping show looking to find more information about your products. They join the show, engage with the host and fellow viewers, and at the desired moment they purchase the goods straight from this live video shopping experience.

Live shopping provides a well-improved customer journey. It takes the best from both in-store and online commerce. Buyers have the opportunity to experience product presentations and recommendations, similar to an in-store visit. Without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

With you can easily activate live shopping for your WooCommerce store, transforming it into a live one. Create live shopping shows to deliver better shopping journeys and transform your customers into your loyal fans.

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Live Shopping for WooCommerce – Getting Started

1. Connect your WooCommerce store to

You can easily connect your WooCommerce to without having to write a single line of code. Built specially for WooCommerce, the plugin gives you full control to customize the shopping experience. Once the integration is completed, your entire inventory will be available for live shopping.

woocommerce live shopping integration

2. Search through your products and activate them for live shopping

All your products are now available in your Dashboard. Search through your inventory and activate your products for your next live selling session. will automatically detect your products and their variations, allowing you to sell your product straight from an interactive live video session. Dashboard - activating WooCommerce products for live shopping

3. Create the shopping journey your clients are waiting for

This integration allows your customer to seamlessly add products to the cart straight from the video experience. Even more, the video will be available on your checkout page as well, helping them stay in touch throughout the entire online shopping experience.

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7 steps for creating a successful live shopping channel

1. Set a goal and create a plan

Decide on what you want to accomplish and which would be the best approach. Want to blast sales from day one? You should probably collaborate with an established influencer that can help you expand your reach? Want to create a community around your brand? It would probably be best if you would engage your shoppers yourself on a weekly basis.

Setting a goal will help you create the best strategy to grow your WooCommerce store.

2. Set up your live eCommerce session

Prepare each live shopping session in advance from a technical perspective. Activate the products that you want to sell, embed the widget on the desired landing page, test your lights and camera, and make sure everything is working accordingly. This is a crucial step that will save you from potential unpleasant moments.

3. Communicate with your audience

Let your audience know in advance that you will be hosting a new live shopping session. Even if you embed it on your WooCommerce store or decide to use the URL generated by, you need to make sure that you communicate the exact address, time, and date of your next show.

4. Engage your viewers during the live session

Live shopping is a mix of entertainment and shopping, and one of the reasons it is so effective is that it enables two-way communication. Encourage your viewers to ask questions and share their feedback – this way they will feel part of the community. At the same time, the most important product-related questions will be answered live, helping your undecided viewers to buy your products.

5. Use the recorded experience

While nothing can quite beat the live experience, many customers convert afterward. Your content should not be wasted – instead, you should use it for video shopping. This way more of your potential customers can get a better understanding of your product’s look and feel.

6. Analyze, learn, and implement

With our advanced analytics, you get a thorough understanding of each live shopping session. Take the guesswork out, adapt, and create better and better shopping experiences for your customers.

7. Repeat

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