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Live Shopping helps your customers buy products straight from your live, interactive video sessions. Get your products in front of your viewers in a more engaging way. Answer their questions, and turn them into customers.

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What is Live Video Shopping and why does it boost online sales?

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Live Video Commerce helps you deliver a breakthrough alternative when it comes to online and in-store retail, increasing conversion rates up to 5X.

This shopping alternative provides a real experience to your audience. This way they get a better sense of how your products look and feel and are more inclined to buy them.

Forget about undecided viewers and engage them in a two-way conversation while presenting your products. Answer product-related questions in real-time and do your magic. Just like you would do it if they were standing in from of you.

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Transform the customer journey

Capture your clients’ attention with a live video embedded into your website.
Or let us create a customized page for this new purchasing experience.

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Showcase your products in a fun, engaging way.
Commerce is not just about shopping, it’s also about the experience. Take your business to the next level with live stream shopping.

Answer questions and gain trust.
People love to buy, but they hate sales. This interactive communication channel allows you to easily transform your viewers into loyal customers.

Offer a seamless shopping experience.
Once you have convinced your viewers, they are just one click away from buying your products.

How does Live Shopping work?

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