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Customizable embed

With the customizable embed option, you can move the whole experience onto your website. While still having access to all benefits provided by Streams.live. This way, viewers will be able to see you showcasing your products live. They can chat and ask questions, and can easily purchase the products. Straight from the live experience that takes place on your platform. 

The embedded window is responsive, adapting to any device your viewers choose to watch you from. But to make the whole experience even more personal, we offer a customizable embed option. You can change the colors and make the video a natural add-on to your website. The background, the “Buy Now” button, all can be changed to match your brand colors. 

This option is available for our Enterprise customers and it aims to fully customize the widget to fully match their brand. By choosing this service, you will gain access to a unique, personalized embed code that will look and feel like part of your brand.

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