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How does live shopping with influencers work? is a live commerce platform that combines eCommerce and video.

On one side of the screen, there is an influencer – like you – showcasing the products they love. On the other side of the screen, there are thousands of engaged viewers. They watch the product demonstration, ask questions and share feedback, and buy the products straight from the video experience.

How does it work?

Reach new audiences

Engage your existing audience and reach new ones through live commerce sessions. Showcase and review outstanding products from everywhere you are. Engage with the viewers, and help them make an informed decision. All while having fun.

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Early access and special deals

Be one of the first to test outstanding, high quality products. Get the chance to showcase the latest products and create special deals for your community. Help your followers reach their goals by showcasing the best products.

Earn while performing

Work with established brands to create the video experiences customers are looking for: behind the scene livestreams, video consultations, personalized product recommendations, and more. 

Sell NFTs live

Sell NFTs Live

With you can create, mint, and sell NFTs. Be one of the first that combines live commerce and NFTs and stay top of the mind for thousands of potential buyers. 

Live Shopping Sessions with Influencers

Live shopping is the new, fun way of buying products, dramatically improving the customers’ journey. It’s considered to be “the next big thing in commerce” as it combines online and offline, delivering a new shopping experience.

Partnerships between influencers and brands for live commerce experiences are reaching new heights in both sales and engagement. It’s a combination of eCommerce and entertainment that aims to educate the community. It’s no longer about the products, it’s all about the experience. Let’s deliver the best ones together.

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