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Free Live Stream Shopping Software

We think that live stream shopping is going to change eCommerce as we know it. And commerce in general. To help you get started, we have a free live stream shopping software ready for you. 

But before going into further details, let’s see what live stream shopping is all about.

What is Live Stream Shopping?

Live Stream Shopping combines video streaming and commerce by allowing viewers to buy straight from the live experience. While watching a live stream, customers can purchase goods or services without stopping the experience.

Live stream shopping is the new way to buy goods and services. It’s like video shopping for the space age. Go live and connect with your audience, build a live community and sell the products you’re passionate about.

digitally recreate the in-store shopping experience

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It sounds like a really good alternative to traditional eCommerce, right? It is. We know it, as businesses from all over the world use it. Here is why:

How does our free live stream shopping software work?

With our free live stream shopping tool, 50 viewers can join your video sessions. We call it a “Live Party”, but it’s actually a live shopping party. 50 of your customers have a chance to participate in a private live stream shopping session. They get to know you better and test this unique way of shopping. Straight from the live video experience. This live interaction brings the authenticity customers are looking for. Did you know that a study conducted by Stackla showed that 90% of customers consider authenticity as important when deciding to do business with a brand?

Viewers can engage through the chat and the Q&A section. Encouraging people to ask questions is essential, as 85% of online shoppers have at least one question they need to find an answer to before actually making a purchase. Answer those questions, and you will have the momentum on your side. What moment could be better for clients to buy than just after all their concerns have been addressed?

What lies ahead for eCommerce?

Our goal is to provide you with a solution that will prepare you for the new way of shopping. As more and more businesses move online, one of the most important roles of the whole purchasing cycle is lost: the one of the shop assistant. But people still need to be guided through this whole experience. They still need to interact with an experienced specialist, one that is prepared to answer their questions. One that is ready to solve their problems. Until recently, this was the missing piece from eCommerce. Until now, in-store and digital purchases were two totally different experiences. It’s time for you to change this.

The customer is the central piece of commerce. And you need to focus all your attention on delivering an unforgettable shopping experience. Let our live stream shopping software take care of the rest.

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Features included in our free live stream shopping plan:

  • Live party

    Allows you to go live in front of up to 50 concurrent viewers, creating your personal live commerce experience.

  • Questions

    Let viewers decide which are the most relevant questions and answer the ones that really matter for them.

  • Live channels

    Using our live commerce platform you can create 3 different video shopping experiences for free. The best part? You can reuse them as often as you want.

  • Online Knowledge Base

    Curated information to help you get started with your first live stream shopping session.

  • Chat

    Live experiences drive engagement. The integrated chat feature is the perfect place for it.

  • Live shopping products

    This is what makes live stream shopping so powerful. Add up to 10 products that viewers can purchase straight from the live experience.

  • Analytics

    Data is essential and we encourage you to use it. Access the analytics reports and gain insights into how your viewers interact with your content.

  • Virtual events

    Creating virtual events has never been easier. Our integration with Oveit helps you connect the video experience with our event ticketing system.

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